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Sometime ago, I asked myself certain questions as I was thinking about life. These questions were; What is life really about? Why do we live? How do we live? In search of answers, I found out somethings, and I want to share some with you all.

I view life as a triangle, with GOD at the top, ME on the one side, and YOU on the other side. The “me” is you when you personalize it, and the “you” becomes your neighbour (the other human). In other words, the “me” and “you” there means every human in the world!!! Now, this triangle has something in the middle that the three relate to each other with, and that is, LOVE. Love is the factor that keeps all three in proper relation, hence keeps life going. Like I said in my last post that the problem of the world is a problem of love, and this is because humans fail to love God and love their neighbour (the other human). God has expressed His love for us by providing a conducive place for us to live (earth), and restoring our ability and power to go through life (in the person and work of Jesus). It is now our duty to love Him (God) back, and love our neighbours too!!!

This is what life really is all about: Love God and Love Man!!!!


2 thoughts on “TRIANGLE OF LIFE

    Tosan said:
    June 14, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    nice piece. there really is no networking without God

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