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A question was asked one day, and it goes thus, “When is the right time to start a relationship?” In answering that question, I tried to define what a relationship is. A relationship, simply put, is an association between two or more people. Hence, there is no need to start one, we were already born, so we are already in series of relationships; from the home, to the school, to our place of worship, to the grocery store, to our workplace, and in our communities. We associate with people everyday and everywhere-that is what life is all about. But I know this is not the kind of relationship the person that asked that question was talking about- she meant an intimate relationship. This will lead me to my second approach to answering this question.

Before God met the need of companionship of Adam, He (God) made his (Adam) identity known to him, what he is expected to do, what role, position, and office he will occupy in life, how he is going to go about it, and his immediate assignment which was, taking care of the garden of Eden. In the psychologist, Erick Eriksson’s stages of psychosocial development, just before the stage of Intimacy vs Isolation, is the stage of Identity vs Role Confusion. Eriksson said that it was fundamental for each stage to be completed before moving to the next stage, otherwise there may be regrets at the long run. What I am trying to say in essence is that, before you decide to want to have a partner (one you are pledged to be married to) you must first have the knowledge of what you were created to be (do) in life, what you are called to do by God. This knowledge comes from the discovery of purpose, as said in my previous post- VISIONS.

This was how I answered that question. You do not jump into it, if you do, you may injure yourself. You enter carefully. One love!!!


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